PV Schools ECO Project

Working with the solar power supplier, Engynious Clean Power (UK) Ltd, Saliis is helping to develop a schools solar PV programme throughout England.  Sixteen schools were fitted in the last six months of 2013 and the programme is on course to have 1MW fitted by the end of March 2014 (its first year of operation).

Schools get a solar PV system for free, link the production of renewable energy to an on-site learning opportunity and buy the renewable energy from the PV system they use in the school buildings at a discounted rate so they are able to achieve sustainable savings on energy costs allowing more of the school budget to be spent on teaching and learning and less on energy.

Engynious is collaborating with one of the UK’s leading charities for sustainability and environmental education, SEEd, and as such the schools PV programme is focused on developing and improving sustainability education within schools that goes beyond energy supply and use.

For more information visit:

Contact Engynious and join the programme now!   https://www.engynious.com/en/ukschools/schoolssolarprogramme/howtojoin/


Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd)